Sean Bean dies alot, with video to prove it

In honor of Sean Bean’s new casting as the father of snow white, thought I’d post this amazing video of Sean Bean dying. Over and over again. (Warning: These are spoilers, I guess.) Most of them are movies I’ve never heard of nor seen, but it’s interesting none the less. By my count, here are the various causes:

-Crushed by falling rubble/dirt/mud
-Shot: 7 times. They are: Shot through a book, by Christian Bale, in a church. Shot during battle. Assassinated from what appears to be long range. Shot on a couch by an emotional man. Shotgunned in an automobile. Shot in a moving car, possibly accidentally. Shotgunned on a road.
-Blown up by exploding boat
-Four limbs torn off by horses
-Hung in a strange manner… Not really sure how that worked
-Decapitation on the order of a blonde little asshole
-Hung by wire
-During what I’m just going to call a fencing duel
-Throat slit
-Bayonetted, repeatedly
Run off cliff by stampeding cattle (my favorite)
-Stabbed in bed
-Shot by arrows repeatedly
-Falls to death/is crushed by falling, exploding scaffolding-like piece of equipment

Perhaps this could be a statement about the type of actor that Sean Bean is. Maybe the characters he take on all have flaws that lead to their downfall in the end. Maybe his weathered but handsome face lends itself to these types of characters. Or maybe he winds up often playing villians. He could not like doing sequels/second seasons, I guess. Whatever it is, be warned. If you find yourself watching a movie or show with him in it, don’t get too attached. Don’t let the death catch you unsuspecting, or you could end up like this guy. (Spoiler alert) Poor dude shoulda seen it coming.

Note: Things don’t look good for this Snow White father thing either.


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