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Cool Friday Essay #1: Every Work of Fiction is an Attempt to Understand the World

Just wanted to pass on this cool article, which is a quasi-book review of Eric Basso’s “Decompositions: Essays on Art and Literature” … It is a pretty cool discussion of how Fiction can, and perhaps should operate, and how Speculative Fiction (the weirder the better, perhaps) can ultimately help to do this. Have a great Friday and Weekend, everybody.


Jesus, Judas: Judas is kind of a hater in Jesus Christ Superstar

So, last Sunday morning, I was cruising up and down I-57 around dawn (long story) and listening to various albums on my i-pod. There, buried between Counting Crows, Neil Young’s Harvest, and the Black Seeds, the first lines of one of the best musicals came pouring out of my (admittedly) outdated speakers:

“My mind is clearer now.. At last / All too well / I can see / Where we all / soon will be. / If you strip away / the myth / from the man /you will see / where we all / soon will be.”

(I know, I know, I skipped the overture. Let me say, it’s splendid. But the lyrics… well, they’re nonexistent) This line, of course, is the first line of the first song of Jesus Christ Superstar, a song which is titled “Heaven on Their Minds.” The version I listened to (I think) was from the 1970 album, where Judas is sung by Murray Head, Jesus is sung by Ian Gillan (lead singer of Deep Purple), and Mary Magdalane is sung by Yvonne Elliman  (On review, Wikipedia confirms). For my favorite version of “Heaven on Their Minds” see Carl Anderson’s version above from the movie.

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“The Farthest Coast” coming out Tuesday

As I’ve mentioned on here before, my flash fiction short story “The Farthest Coast” has been accepted at Daily Science Fiction, and via both the DSF website and the Science fiction blog SFSignal, the date has been announced as Tuesday, October 11.  The story will be emailed to their entire readership (those that have subscribed to their mailing list) on that day. If you are into science fiction and fantasy (as you should be) then it’s a great new up and coming magazine that publishes a story every week day through e-mail, and you should subscribe. I’ve subscribed, and I get a decent to great short story in my mail box daily. If I’m busy, I won’t lie, I’ll delete it and move on, but I’ve enjoyed many of their stories.

If you don’t feel like subscribing, but want to read my story, they post the stories on their website one week after publication, which would be October 18 in my case. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you. (But you should subscribe- DSF has a great concept that I really think can help bring about change in the publishing industry, so all support will be welcome)