“The Farthest Coast” coming out Tuesday

As I’ve mentioned on here before, my flash fiction short story “The Farthest Coast” has been accepted at Daily Science Fiction, and via both the DSF website and the Science fiction blog SFSignal, the date has been announced as Tuesday, October 11.  The story will be emailed to their entire readership (those that have subscribed to their mailing list) on that day. If you are into science fiction and fantasy (as you should be) then it’s a great new up and coming magazine that publishes a story every week day through e-mail, and you should subscribe. I’ve subscribed, and I get a decent to great short story in my mail box daily. If I’m busy, I won’t lie, I’ll delete it and move on, but I’ve enjoyed many of their stories.

If you don’t feel like subscribing, but want to read my story, they post the stories on their website one week after publication, which would be October 18 in my case. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you. (But you should subscribe- DSF has a great concept that I really think can help bring about change in the publishing industry, so all support will be welcome)


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  1. Read it. Enjoyed it. Thanks 🙂

  2. Just read your story on DSF and enjoyed it immensely.

    The give and take between Vincent and Jonas was spot on. Great dialogue. My only quibble was with the rationale behind Jonas’s decision to die with Vincent. I know he felt he was the one who had lived a full life, but why did he pick this particular time to call it quits? Was there something else in his relationship with Vincent that made him not willing to go on or what? I would have liked a hint somewhere in the story as to resolve the ending.

    But that is minor stuff. I gave the story a six out of seven ranking, and I rarely do that. Nice job, keep up the great writing.

  3. I enjoyed “The Farthest Coast.” James has a point in his comment above, although it’s minor, as he says. I have a minor point, too. I wish Jonas’ name had been more robot-like or just a bit more odd . I got them mixed up, even in such a short piece. My problem, really, but having a mechanical-sounding name would also have increased the irony.

    I enjoyed your blog entry on passive voice, too. Keep it up. And good luck at school. I taught at Champaign-Urbana a hundred years ago, just for a year, before going back to New York.

    All best,
    Gerald Warfield

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