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Cool Friday Essay #3: Aldo Leopold’s “Odyssey”

The Aldo Leopold essays I posted last week were so popular that I decided to post another one from the same book. ‘This excerpt, taken from the same section of “The Sand County Almanac” is titled “Odyssey,” and describes his conservation ethic in a different, thought provoking manner. The writing, as you probably noticed last week, is superb. Click after the break to read–it’s only about 1000 words, and it’s worth it.

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Cool Friday Essay #2: Aldo Leopold

I’ve been too busy to post anything worth posting for a while, but I think the following essays are certainly worth it. For a law school class, I just finished a re-read of Aldo Leopold’s classic “A Sand County Almanac.” Published in 1949, Leopold was able to put into words his view of conservation, a view that has been gaining steam (albeit with little substantive change in our land use practices). I have chosen two essays that really resonated with me, called “Thinking Like a Mountain” and “Escudilla”.  They appear in this order, back to back, in the middle of A Sand County Almanac and do an amazing job of capturing some of the fundamental problems with how we interact with nature. Without further ado:

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