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“The Farthest Coast” to be published

I mentioned this before on Facebook, but my short story The Farthest Coast has been picked up by the e-zine Daily Science Fiction. It’s short, dealing predominantly with the theme of defining a good life. If any of you have read my post A turn of a phrase, discussing how writers input meaning into innocuous phrases, this story is an example of me doing the same thing. Based on my own estimations of production schedules at DSF, I think the story should come out in October. DSF e-mails a SF story to its many readers every Monday through Friday, and then posts the story on their website. You should definitely subscribe–many of the stories have been very good, and though the e-zine is young, it’s solid pay rates ensure it is putting out top notch stories. I’m adding it to the blogroll, and I’ll let you know the exact date the story will be published.